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Brochures and Manuals available in PDF format 

For over thirty years IVAT is committed to develop painting products which meet all different needs of  the customers. A wide range of specific products are available to cover many areas of the paint market, from DIY for the final users to the commercial and industrial paint, to end up with the pride of IVAT, the Car repair sector for professional users.

IVAT main goal is to find always the most innovative and ecological solutions able to combine performance and final result together with a total respect for the Environment. In this sense, during the years IVAT has started to manufacture and marketing only High Solid (HS) products, until the realisation of QUOSH, the Ultra-Ecological Waterborne Basecoat System with the lowest content of solvents.

Last but not least, is the Spray Line, Professional line for bodyshops, with a range of products conditioned in convenient 400 ml aerosols, to meet all the bodyshops users requirements.


Download here brochures and manuals

Download the tinting systems leaflets: QuoshJackal ed Evocar.

Download here the presentation of the new white base JKW.HITE, high covering power finishing 

Fast cycle

Download the illustrative brochure of IVAT quick products here

Matt transparent and degree of opacity

From today it is also possible to obtain the right degree of gloss/opacity for the car finish by mixing glossy clearcoat and opaque clearcoat. Download the technical bulletin here.  

Technical report KFB.TREX

Download here the presentation of TREX, the 2K embossed paint, ideal for jeep, chassis and underbody, pick-up loading bed, engine compartment.

Download here the Jackal and Quosh brochures.

Poster "Grey Shade Mix"
Download here the poster for the mixing of filler and/or basecoat in order to obtain the perfect undercolour. download PDF 

Filler Excellence

Download here the brochure with the description of all IVAT fillers.

Clearcoat Excellence

Download here the brochure with the description of all IVAT clearcoats.

Depliant KKL.3000 Air Concept Clear
Download here the brochure with the description of the new air clearcoat.

Depliant KKL.2500 Titan Clear
Download here the brochure with the description of the new express clearcoat.

Download here new catalogue. 

Price List 2018
Download IVAT and Evoperm Price Listes.

Depliant Sky Filler
Download here the  new line of acrylic filler line brochure. 

Folder KFL.DTM
Download here the depliant of the new acrylic anticorrosive filler. download PDF 

Folder KJL.4443-KJL.4446
Download here the folder of the direct adhesion range of binders. download PDF

Poster "Car Repair - Application guide"
Download here the new poster "Car Repair". downlaod PDF 

Poster Painting Cycles
Download the poster with the painting cycles suggested by IVAT according to the kind of support. download PDF. 

Epofiller Plus e Dimedur 1+1
Download here the flyer of Epofiller Plus, with the new hardener FK8.1110 Dimedur 1+1. The new technical data sheet is available on the specific products section. download PDF

Quosh Waterborne Coatings
The result of a unique technology, for a perfect colour matching and a easy application for car refinish. download PDF

Jackal Coatings
The perfect solution for all needs: resistant, easy to apply, high performance. download PDF 

Ground Filler - Shade Mix
You can mix the 3 versions of Ground Filler in order to obtain the perfect undercolour. downlaod PDF 

Professional Spray Line
Range of 400 ml Spray for the specialists of car refinish. download PDF


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